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144 red and 144 navy Tees were produced in 2000. Now a Vintage there are 30 left. 22 Red and 8 Navy. Based on a 16 x 20" painting of turn of the century boxer Marvin Hart. Quigley started painting boxers in 1999 after moving from LA back to New York City. The grit and grind of trying to paint for a living helped influence Scrapper, named after turn of the century poor pugilists who challenged the former aristocratic bare knuckle fight club champions in public arenas. Soon the Scrappers became the better fighters changing the once elitist macho sport forever. Instead of fighting, wealthy men would train the more aggressive hungry untrained fighters who had to fight for their meals. After making a few paintings of Pete Jackson, John L. Sullivan, Jim Corbett and Marvin Hart Quigley tried to LLC and brand Scrapper, it was impossible so he changed the C to a K creating the word SKRAPPER. He has made over 60 boxer paintings since the first Jack Johnson commission in 1999.

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